Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 002

Medusa became increasingly agitated as the recall effort gained momentum. At one point, she posted on her forum that “the recall people” should all “go get their own forum”

So we did.

Thus begins my story of cyber hell.

In June of 2006 I added a forum to the recall web site. We left Medusa’s forum alone, as she requested, and proceeded our chatter on the new forum.
People chatting
The forum, like many, had a photo gallery each member could post photos to.

On July 4th, the city had its usual parade, during which the local Press took a picture of the then-mayor carrying a flag. Someone copied the picture, and in nothing more than a little fun, altered it and shared his alterations with several of us in the recall group via email– and 99.9% percent of us laughed at it, then forgot it.

But the sender of that email made one HUGE mistake; he sent it to Medusa, who immediately posted it on her forum. I received the email that same day – except I laughed at the email then deleted it. Personally, I would never have posted it online. It wasn’t meant for public viewing.

After July 4th, someone joins the recall forum via proxy and lo and behold! This proxy-posting “mystery” person posts the photograph in the photo gallery of the recall forum.

Greetings from hell
Greetings From Hell

All hell broke loose. Literally. For whatever his reason, the then-mayor and his cronies at the local Press deemed this as something awful, called the entire recall group racist and never let up on the issue. Naturally, Medusa had a field day with this. I suddenly became completely to blame and was to be repeatedly cited as a “racist” – both by the local Press and more often than not, by Medusa.

Naturally it is my firm belief Medusa posted that image on the forum. I cannot prove it; however, there was only one person using proxies to engage in what I called, “hit and runs” on the recall forum. As time went on, I had a complete list of the proxies she used and that picture was posted by one of the proxies in that list. Plus, it had her mark ALL over it – and caused me more grief and angst than I could ever have imagined a silly little picture could be capable of causing anyone.

It was a joke that should have run its course. We were focused on the work to be done.

Woman Silenced
Woman Silenced

However, Medusa, the self-proclaimed bastion of free speech, couldn’t stand the fact that I had a right to practice free speech, as well. No…I must be silenced while she must be allowed to ramp up harassment, attacks, assaults, lies, libel and defamation – oh my! Medusa attempted to get as much mileage out of that silly picture as she could. Later I’ll share the picture and how she even used it for blackmail.

At this point it also began to look like Medusa was getting information from someone involved in the mayor’s crony camp but that will be made more clear later in the story.

Back to the picture and the insurmountable damage it did manage to cause both myself and the recall effort.

Stay tuned. We’ve a long way to go…

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