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Cover of Cyber Stalked: Book OneCover of Cyber Stalked: Book Two

There are hard-core haters on the Internet who are SO into their hatred hobby, there is literally nothing that will stop them. Nor is there anything moral, ethical or dignified about people like this.

It is bone chilling. Eerie. Creepy. Unnerving.

Since there is just nothing that stops my stalker/harasser, and she has totally stolen and abused my real person/identity, I decided to bare my soul and document my story. The end result is a 2-volume set that spans almost 7 full years.

I have tried EVERY SINGLE THING – the law, lawyers, media, exposure, and many times, utter silence as in “ignoring the ignorant“, it just won’t stop.

Somehow, some way, our society has got to figure out a way to deal with people like my stalker swiftly and sternly, so as to set an example that this type of behavior is simply not acceptable in a civilized society. An adult behaving this horrifically sets a very bad example to our youth.

Cyber stalking and constant harassment causes much destruction and devastation – sometimes suicide. Yet we now see a segment of our society unable to understand that being vile and nasty toward one another is just plain wrong. Instead, these psychopaths make it a way of life to hate.

I just sit here so often wondering whatever happened to, “Love one Another”?

Or how about just steering clear of someone you don’t care for? You can stand up for what you believe in without tearing others down.

Two Book Set

There are two volumes of Cyber Stalked for two reasons. During the years of book one, I had another situation going on that involved a lawsuit against a former mayor. In book two, which begins with the year 2010, that ended right away, in early January. While the lawsuit was on-going in Book One, one could say that it was free to be discussed in a public forum; however, my stalker and harasser took it to levels far, far beyond the matter at hand.

“How deep into the controversy the limited purpose public figure delves can enhance his public standing. Though he would still be considered a public figure who would need to prove actual malice, the proof would be limited to the public matter he is involved in. In matters other than the controversy, he could still be considered a private figure.” Source:

After the lawsuit was settled, there was absolutely no reason to talk about me whatsoever.

That inconvenient fact never mattered to my stalker/harasser.

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