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The one and only thing in life that we all own completely and uniquely is our person. We grow, we learn, we live, we laugh, we cry, we mourn, we rejoice…and through it all, we each become a unique human being. We have faults, we have promise, we have talents, we have shortcomings and we make mistakes.

Everyone handles things differently. I strive to learn from and improve the negatives, look for the positive, avoid past mistakes, love and live and learn. I do my best to be a good and honest person, wishing to never hurt anyone, to help people in need when I can and to live a simple, productive life. Like most people, I’ve been far from perfect. I’ve tripped, stumbled, made stupid mistakes; but, the errors were mine and mine alone. I dealt with the repercussions of my own actions. I took responsibility for my mistakes and learned from them.

Lonely and troubledI never bother anyone. I stay busy minding and tending to my own business.

Family was always the center of my life. I was surrounded by their goodness and respect, which I feel I did a good job giving back, once the mistakes of youth had passed. I am on the shy side until I get to know someone. I revere my right to privacy, never needed a huge social circle to validate my existence and was taught not to be nosy, pushy, confrontational or domineering and to never gossip.

And I most certainly had never had exposure to an evil sociopath…
Suddenly the deception and deceit of a stranger devoid of human decency and civility decided to steal all that I truly am and turn me into someone who encompasses everything evil. What this person did to my life is nothing short of horrendous; a new kind of identity theft, reckless endangerment, and complete and utter harassment (for starters) using a simple computer keyboard and an online forum.
I was about to learn ALL about this very different type of person and the pain they inflict. A person who seethes with hatred, oozes disdain and jealousy, looks for someone vulnerable and passive to paint in an ugly, negative, horrible light for nothing more than the pleasure it brings them. Someone with a mean, viscous, gutter-pig mindset who uses others for the equivalent of fun and games in a twisted, perverse and filthy mind.


When it began, my first reaction was to ignore the ignorant. After a time, that became impossible. There it was … my identity – me, a nobody really…my being, the only thing I take with me from cradle to grave, sucked into the den of a wolf. A she-devil. A psychopath.
A complete and utter stranger.
It felt surreal, as if it just couldn’t be true – yet, there it all was, showing up on the World Wide Web. For the whole word to see. Wretched, totally untrue accusations and characterizations. of my life, my work, my family, my friends – anything I was connected to. Horrible lies and made up scenarios that were to go on and on and on…and continue to date.
Disbelief sets in. Disbelief that a person – again, a complete stranger – picked me out to viciously attack based on nothing more than her own imaginary “take” and made-up speculations on my life. This is so out of the norm and so foreign to anything I’ve ever experienced or witnessed it is difficult to believe it is happening.
Having to deal with the repercussions of your own mistakes is a valuable learning experience if you use it as such. BUT – having to deal with the repercussions of the lowest of low lies about you is another story all together. It is something that no one should be forced to endure.
So how and where did it all begin? Follow this link to begin…



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