A True Story



Suddenly the deception and deceit of a stranger devoid of human decency and civility decided to steal all that I truly am and turn me into someone who encompasses everything evil. What this person did to my life is nothing short of horrendous; a new kind of identity theft, reckless endangerment, forgery, and complete and utter harassment (for starters) using a simple computer keyboard and a foolish online forum.

I was about to learn ALL about this very different type of person and the pain they inflict. A person who seethes with hatred, oozes disdain and jealousy, looks for someone vulnerable and passive to paint in an ugly, negative, horrible light for nothing more than the pleasure it brings them. Someone with a mean, viscous, gutter-pig mindset who uses others for the equivalent of fun and games in a twisted, perverse and filthy mind.

So how and where did it all begin? That I can tell you, and do in my two-volume series, CYBER STALKED. After all…

“Guess what? If she wasn’t public with her stupid bigoted comments and lies about people, there would be nothing for me and others to comment on, now would there? As long as she’s public with her comments, anyone can report on them whenever they want. See how free speech works?”

Medusa” went and “outed” herself again with a whiny, lying complaint to Amazon. She wants to be “sourced” SO badly, so please do meet Medusa. I went to great lengths to keep her name out of the books, because the intent was to share a nightmare of a story about being cyber stalked, not to involve her. But…true to form, she finds the book with her continued cyber stalking and injects herself into my attempts to¬† help the fight against a societal wrong.

“Pretty pathetic that they have to protect lies by crying ‘copyright infringement’.”

Indeed, it IS pathetic when it is true – so why does Struck go to such lengths to protect her many, MANY lies? To continue her attempt to silence me, perhaps?

I will post installments of them bit by bit, day by day, time-permitting.

Stay tuned.

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